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logoUniBGThe University of Bergamo is a public high education institution with an expanding expertise in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and behavioural studies. It currently consists of six faculties (Economics; Educational Studies; Engineering; Foreign Languages and Literatures; Humanities; Law), 14 three-year (level one) degree courses, 15 two-year (level two) degree courses, 3 two-year (level two) degree courses taught in English, and a single cycle second level degree (five-year) in Law.

Didactic organisation makes good use of various opportunities open to students: Foreign exchanges (the percentage of Erasmus programme exchanges is among the highest in Italy), internships with companies and organisations based not only in the local area but also in the rest of Italy and the world, apprenticeships, tutoring, preliminary study courses, post-graduate specialisation courses and first and second level Masters.

Its Department of Human and Social Sciences was introduced in 2001 (as Faculty of Arts and Philosophy) after the splitting up of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures. It started with two degree courses: one in Educational Studies, and one in General Arts (now c/o the Departments of Arts and Philosophy). New objectives have been achieved with the introduction of the course in Psychology (Psychological Studies and Techniques for Interpersonal Relationships and Social Organizations) and of the Second level degree courses: Pedagogical Consultancy and Behavioural Research; Theory, Techniques and Management in the Arts and Entertainment (now c/o the Departments of Arts and Philosophy).

Role of UNIBG in the project:

  • Contribute to the mapping exercise in Italy.
  • Assist in the development of an online platform of resources as well as get familiarised and review the online tool.
  • Contribute to the bi-annual newsletters.
  • Translate project materials into the national language.
  • Provide feedback to the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework.
  • Contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of the project outputs, outcomes and future network activities.
  • Participate and actively contribute to the discussions generated in regional and annual meetings, seminars and conference.

Operational and financial management:

  • Assist Prof Mario Salomone will coordinate the above administrative and academic project activities.
  • Financial administration will be handled by Assist Prof Mario Salomone who will liaise internally with the institution’s finance department.


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