Boğaziçi University, Sustainable Development and Cleaner Production Center (BU) - Turkey

BogazicSustainable Development and Cleaner Production Center (SDCPC) at Bogazici University (BU) is coordinated by full time academic personnel of the University. The Center promotes sustainable development in the community through the use of interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, innovative technology transfer in close cooperation with related stakeholders.

Domestic and foreign-based organizations and various institutions have indicated their support to the Center and have appointed representatives. As a joint research center within Bogazici University, the office enhances innovative teaching and applied research that covers implementation of best practices and collaboration to provide continued support of sustainable university campuses in sustainable regions.

The aims of SDCPC are to:

  • Supply technology support for eco-efficiency – to increase manufacturing efficiency; reduce resource and chemical consumption, waste generation and more significantly, reduce risks to the environment –both in production and service industries
  • Build new links, networks and collaborations between decision makers in terms of policy and regulations, prominent experts in industry and related businesses as well as academic and research institutions in order to ensure and enhance sustainable production and consumption issues
  • Implement the globally recognized product accreditation standards with its environmental economic concerns based on international standards and research methodologies
  • Promote sustainability in campus and community life by providing waste and energy management strategies and integrating sustainability into continuing education program
  • Develop and implement regional strategies, plans and programs with regard to integrated resource conservation by using environmental decision making tools and frameworks
  • Promote green entrepreneurship initiatives in Turkey
  • Supply expertise on strategy and policy development for environment-friendly living standards.
  • make research and development of innovative and cleaner environmental technologies
  • Build institutional capacities and demonstrate its benefits to foster sustainable development. Facilities on information dissemination and exchange of experience between and across the nations.

Role of UGR in the project:

  • Coordinate the mapping exercise in Turkey and complete the template for data collection.
  • Assist in the development of an online platform of resources as well as get familiarised and review the online tool.
  • Translate project materials into the national language.
  • Contribute to the bi-annual newsletters.
  • Provide feedback to the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework.
  • Contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of the project outputs, outcomes and future network activities.
  • Participate and actively contribute to the discussions generated in regional and annual meetings, seminars and conference.

Operational and financial management:

  • The project team will coordinate the above administrative and academic project activities.
  • Financial administration will be handled by project team who will liaise internally with the institution’s finance department.


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