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UniBaselThe University of Basel, founded in 1460 and covering a wide range of disciplines in teaching and research. It has full university status and consists of 7 Faculties with 25 Departments as well as 4 transfacultary units. It has 9688 undergraduate and 2653 postgraduate and doctoral students (of whom 23.7% are international students from about 110 countries), 350 professors and 1'896 academic staff. By European standards the University of Basel is comparatively small. The University is involved in over 130 European (FP7) grants, of which 47 are from the Marie Curie scheme (mostly Fellowships and ITNs) and 23 are ERC grants, and takes part in different activities of the lifelong learning programme.

Sustainability is an important topic not only in research, but also in teaching on all levels. Especially since the early 1990ies the University of Basel has a tradition in inter- and transdisciplinary research and education in the fields of environment and sustainability at Bachelor, Master and PHD-level. Its endeavour to foster sustainability in education has been strengthen in the last years due to the establishment of the Master's Degree in Sustainable Development (MSD), a study programme three faculties are responsible for and due to the establishment of a Sustainability Office ( The University of Basel has a mission statement on sustainability naming goals not only in University's management but also in research and education.

An important goal pursued is to enable students to work in the field of sustainability ("The University provides its students with the opportunity to attend courses on topics of sustainability, and fosters their competency in identifying and assessing problems relating to sustainable development within different contexts."). Especially the Programme Man-Society-Environment (MGU), one of the interdisciplinary endeavours of the University of Basel, has a record of more than twenty years of interdisciplinary teaching and in teaching interdisciplinarity in environment and sustainability and has therefore gathered a lot of experience in this field. Since the closure of the IKAÖ the Research Group Inter-/Transdisciplinarity is associated on an institutional basis to MGU. This Research Group has an experience of more than 20 years of research, teaching, management and consultancy in inter- and transdisciplinary teaching and learning in the field of sustainability. The University of Basel has a number of projects that are funded within the Swiss "Sustainable Development at Universities" programme.

Role of BAU in the project:

Coordinate the mapping exercise in Switzerland and complete the template.

Assist in the development of an online platform of resources as well as get familiarised and review the online tool.

Contribute to the bi-annual newsletters.

Provide feedback to the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework.

Contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of the project outputs, outcomes and future network activities.

Participate and actively contribute to the discussions generated in regional and annual meetings, seminars and conference.

The project team will coordinate the administrative and academic project activities in Switzerland and handle the financial administration.

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