Copernicus Alliance Conference

October 3, 2014

Prague, Czech Republic

Conference videos

Here you can find videos taken during Copernicus Alliance Conference 2014. You have to wait until videos are uploaded. Thank you for your patience.


Opening of the conference - Jan Konvalinka - Vice-Rector of Charles University in Prague: Welcome on behalf of Charles University in Prague; and Daniella Tilbury - President of COPERNICUS Alliance, UK: Welcome on behalf of COPERNICUS Alliance (Presentation for download in pdf):


Bianca Bilgram - Bureau of the UNECE Strategy for ESD, Germany: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Strategy for Education for Sustainable Development (Presentation for download in pdf):


Doug Parkin - Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, UK: Leadership in Higher Education - Shaping Futures, Changing Lives (Presentation for download in pdf in pdf):


Jan Kříž - Ministry of the Environment, Czech Republic: Czech Strategy for ESD, involvement in DESD and the general situation in the Czech Republic (Plenary presentation - no ppt used):


Michael Scoullos - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece: Challenges Higher Education faces in addressing ESD - Playing with tetrahedra (Presentation for download in pdf):


Jana Dlouhá - Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic: Introducing Charles University Environment Center and the UE4SD Project (Presentation for download in pdf):


Lenka Parkánová - oikos International, Switzerland/Czech Republic: Student perspective on ESD and oikos initiatives (For download in pdf: Presentation slides, Summary of Presentation):


Closing - Dana Kapitulcinova and Andrew Barton - Charles University: Summary of the day's discussions and parallel sessions (Word cloud summary for download in pdf); and Clemens Mader - COPERNICUS Alliance Vice-President, Germany: Summary of conference dialogues and outcomes:

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